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Next Generation Blockchain

Introducing the


In order to meet all our clients’ technological, practical and legal requirements we have had to completely rethink blockchain technology.

Introducing the DAGchain. The first architecture to successfully combine the best elements of blockchain technology with the best of DAG technology to unlock the full potential of Distributed Ledger Technology. The DAGchain will be used as the backbone for enterprise grade private networks as well as a fully decentralized public network. In the near future our clients will be able to anchor their enterprise networks to the public peaq network and . run their blockchain applications on top.

High Performance

20,000tps | 0.5s Confirmations

20,000 transactions per second, instantly confirmed. Efficiency, speed and scalability are essential.

Public and Private

Multipurpose Architecture

Our tokenomics model will ensure predictable fees and prices. A stable public network to anchor to.

Future Proof

GDPR Compliant | PQC

We use PQC (Post Quantum) cryptography and fully GDPR compliant technology. We build with an eye on the future.

Smart Contracts

Flexible Programmability

Can be programmed in any language supporting Protocol Buffers and used to represent all kinds of business logic.

Build, Monitor & Control

Set up your blockchain infrastructure in minutes.
Tweak it to your needs. Monitor your progress.

Real Time APIs

Connect your existing systems to peaq using
real time APIs.

Professional Support

You will have direct access to our support channels,
in case you need a hand with anything.

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