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Success Story


Under our guidance, peaq has developed into one of the most promising blockchain technologies in Europe. peaq’s technological breakthroughs include creating the world’s first DAGchain architecture (a DAG / blockchain hybrid), an AI-assisted consensus algorithm, an all new tokenomics model and tool to enable massive scale. peaq is a primary example of the sorts of projects we seek out and are passionate about guiding towards success.

High Performance

20,000tps | 0.5s Confirmations

20,000 transactions per second, instantly confirmed. Efficiency, speed and scalability are essential.

Public and Private

Multipurpose Architecture

peaq’s tokenomics model will ensure predictable fees and prices. A stable public network to anchor to.

Future Proof

GDPR Compliant | PQC

peaq uses PQC (Post Quantum) cryptography and fully GDPR compliant technology. Building with a focus on the future.

Smart Contracts

Flexible Programmability

Can be programmed in any language supporting Protocol Buffers and used to represent all kinds of business logic.

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